Drive Clever, Get Rewarded
Connect your car to the internet, drive and get rewarded. Simple.
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Wouldn’t it be great if you were rewarded for safe driving?

We thought the same thing so we created CleverMiles, the reward system for safe drivers, which means now you can be. Simple to install and easy to collect points, CleverMiles rewards you something you do anyway – driving.



Plug the CleverDevice into your car following our simple instructions. The safer you drive the more CleverPoints you earn which you can see in the interactive CleverMiles app.

Improve and Compare

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Compare your driving against your Facebook friends, family or any other CleverDriver in the world if you want. Our CleverTips show you how you can driver even more safely and earn even more points!

Get Rewards


You can redeem your CleverPoints against products from top brands in the CleverMiles shop. You can get everything from a free coffee to our epic rewards like a free car for a year.

  • gamification-smallCleverMiles allows you to compare your driving with your family, Facebook friends or, if you choose, any other CleverDriver in the world. Interactive graphs and stats show exactly how you stack up.

    Status updates show you your friends’ CleverMiles achievements including rewards they’ve received, changes in their tier level and completed trips.

    Pit your safe driving skills against others by creating or entering public and private leagues to compete against a number of other CleverDrivers. These could be your friends, team members or colleagues.

  • Driving improvementCleverMiles helps you become a better, safer driver by highlighting actual events on a map where your driving could be improved.

    It also provides actionable tips as to how you can improve meaning you can earn even more points!

  • gamification-smallWe care about the safety of your data as much as we do about your driving safety.

    You have complete control over who can compare their scores to you. Only you can see your driving data and we do not share your data with anyone.

    We use the top class security of the Microsoft Azure platform for our application to give you complete peace of mind.

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